Matrix Brandy BASIC V 1.21.18

Brandy Basic is a BBC BASIC V interpreter written by David Daniels and is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence Version 2+.

Matrix Brandy is this fork, forked from David Daniels' Sourceforge release version 1.20.1. Developed on a CentOS 6 32-bit machine, tested by me on CentOS 6 64-bit, CentOS 7 and a Raspberry Pi. Graphics is handled using the SDL 1.2 library.

BBC BASIC V is the version of BASIC that came with the Acorn RISC OS machines, Matrix Brandy aims to be source code compatible with this, including some extensions found in the RISC PC versions and the later RISC OS 5 as made available for several systems including the Raspberry Pi.

The main features of this fork are the improved graphics capabilities, an almost complete MODE 7 teletext implementation and a very easy to use network capability to connect using TCP. Raspberry Pi users also have access to the GPIO via SYS calls. Additionally, many bug fixes have been included, too many to mention here.

Download the source code here. Previous releases are over here. It's also on Github. ChangeLog is here.

By user request, a Windows build of this release is here, this is considered highly experimental, but does appear to run on 32-bit and 64-bit systems. For those who like to live on the edge, nightly builds from git can be found here. These are built using Cygwin on a 32-bit Windows 7 system but do not require Cygwin to run, and shown to run on a 64-bit Windows 10 machine. Here is a client for the Telstar and CCl4 videotex services, written as a demo of a standalone application written in BBC BASIC, built for Windows with networking and MODE 7. The BASIC code is in examples/Mode7/telstar in the source distribution.
Note that I am not a Windows developer, and there's likely to be quite a bit in it that is rather broken - and it is not my main focus of development.

It's worth pointing out the design goals here are also very different from those of Richard Russell's excellent, stable and well-supported BBC BASIC for Windows, where the intention there seems to be able to expose much of the Windows feature set, whereas Matrix Brandy aims to align itself more closely to RISC OS (I regularly use RISC OS 3.71 under RPCEmu as a reference for "correct" behaviour). BB4W (and its sister package BBCSDL) is often described as a "modern" BASIC, to that extent Brandy is more a "traditional" BASIC.

Ceefax Engineering Test Page

Graphics from PRESTEL

Chalksoft's 1983 adventure game, Pirate runs quite well. does Yellow River Kingdom, from the BBC Micro welcome disc.

It's interesting to note that the RISC OS 5 developers are also using this game to test their Teletext implementation.

As of version 1.21.6, we have networking. Here's a quickly hacked together Viewdata client connected to Telstar.

The program can be found in examples/Mode7/telstar and a standalone Windows client is here - enjoy!

Website and Brandy changes copyright ©2018-2019 Michael McConnell and contributors. Brandy original code copyright © David Daniels.
KINGDOM game copyright ©1981 Acornsoft.