Matrix Brandy BASIC VI 1.23.2

Matrix Brandy is a multi-platform BBC BASIC VI interpreter with optional SDL graphics support, released under the GNU General Public Licence version 2+. It is a fork of David Daniels' Brandy BASIC, baselined at version 1.20.1 from his Sourceforge release, which hasn't seen any updates since 2014.

Matrix Brandy is not an emulator of the BBC Micro or Acorn RISC OS computers. That said, certain capabilites are emulated (for example parts of the BBC MOS, graphics, Teletext, and some RISC OS SYS calls). It cannot assemble or execute 6502 or ARM code.

BBC BASIC VI is the 64-bit floating-point version of BASIC that came with the Acorn RISC OS machines (itself a development of the version of BASIC on the venerable BBC Micro), Matrix Brandy aims to be source code compatible with this, including some extensions found in the RISC PC versions and the later RISC OS 5 as made available for several systems including the Raspberry Pi.

Downloads available:

It's worth pointing out the design goals here are also very different from those of Richard Russell's excellent, stable and well-supported BBC BASIC for Windows, where the intention there seems to be able to expose much of the Windows feature set, whereas Matrix Brandy aims to align itself more closely to RISC OS (I regularly use RISC OS 3.71 and ARM BBC BASIC VI V1.80 under RPCEmu as a reference for "correct" behaviour). BB4W (and its sister package BBCSDL) is often described as a "modern" BASIC, to that extent Matrix Brandy is more a "traditional" BASIC.

Platform support status:

Matrix Brandy has gratefully accepted contributions and suggestions from Stardot, the Raspberry Pi forum, Github and direct email from developers.

While the focus is to provide an environment similar to that of BASIC VI running under RISC OS, some extensions from BB4W and Basalt have been included, but where a function behaves differently in different BBC BASIC implementations the functionality of ARM BBC BASIC VI under RISC OS will be the template.

Below are some screenshots of Matrix Brandy running in MODE 7 (Teletext compatible)

Ceefax Engineering Test Page

Chalksoft's 1983 adventure game, Pirate runs quite well. does Yellow River Kingdom, from the BBC Micro welcome disc.

I've now made a Windows build for all that retro goodness!
It's interesting to note that the RISC OS 5 developers are also using this game to test their Teletext implementation.

A Viewdata client connected to Telstar.

The program can be found in examples/Mode7/telstar and a standalone Windows client is here - enjoy!

Matrix Brandy on RISC OS

UnixLib build neatly sidestepping the ~28MB WimpSlot limit on RISC OS 3.7

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